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Solemn Pontifical Mass and Conference with Bishop Athanasius Schneider

For the Feast of Christ the King, October 28-29, 2017.


The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest will be hosting a conference on Blessed Karl I of Austria on Saturday, October 28, 2017 in Kansas City, MO.  The conference will begin at 4:30 p.m. on October 28, 2017 at Drexel Hall, 3301 Baltimore Ave. Kansas City, MO. 64111.  The topic will be "Blessed Karl and the Social Reign of Christ the King"and will be given by Bishop Schneider. Guests of honor will be H.I. & R.H. Princess Maria Anna Galitzine, granddaughter of Bl. Karl of Austria and Mrs. Suzanne Pearson, Delegate of the Emperor Karl League of Prayer in the United States. After the conference, there will be a wine and cheese reception as well as a raffle,  The raffle prize is a beautiful framed portrait of Bl. Karl of Austria.  

On the following day, Sunday October 29, 2017, the Feast of Christ the King, at 10:15 a.m., His Excellency the Most Reverend Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana in Kazakhstan will celebrate a solemn pontifical mass at Old St. Patrick Oratory, 806 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO.  The Pontifical Mass will be followed by veneration of the first class relic of Blessed Karl of Austria. The admission fee for the conference is $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for students and $30.00 per family. For more information or pre-registration, please contact Canon Glenn Gardner at 816-931-5612.




Dedication of the Permanent Shrine of Blessed Karl of Austria

On the External Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, which was celebrated on Sunday June 25, 2017, Old St. Patrick Oratory in Kansas City, Missouri was the focus of the solemn dedication of a new permanent shrine to Blessed Karl of Austria.  The many members and friends of Old St. Patrick Oratory came from throughout the Kansas City area and beyond to attend a high mass in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to witness dedication of the shrine and the enthronement of a first class relic of Blessed Karl of Austria.  We give thanks to Divine Providence and to the gracious intercession of Blessed Karl himself for seeing, what was a short time ago, only a possibility, now has come to be a reality. Many of those devoted to Blessed Karl and especially those who took part in a solemn novena to Blessed Karl in November of 2016, for the cure of one of the Oratory members stricken with an incurable cancer, were gratified to see the shrine erected at Old St. Patrick’s.  Even though the cure was not to be the will of God, we are nonetheless grateful for Blessed Karl’s continued intercession. 

The high mass and dedication was officiated by Canon Glenn Gardner, rector of Old St. Patrick Oratory.  During his sermon, Canon Gardner, said that, “the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the physical Heart of Jesus, burning for love of us, gives itself for us (as Christ himself did) as a holocaust – a wholly consumed sacrifice – in order to bring us to salvation.” He then related the necessity of imitating the love of the Sacred Heart as our sure way to holiness much in the same way Blessed Karl did in his own life.” Canon said, “Now today on this Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we will solemnly dedicate this shrine to Blessed Karl of Austria in order that we may honor one of the Church’s blessed…a saint who gave himself over so fully to the will of God that even on his tomb was inscribed the words, “fiat voluntas tua”… may thy will be done….and it is well known that he often said and even on his death bed: ‘My entire effort is always, in all things, to discern the Will of God as clearly as possible, and to obey it, indeed, even to perfection.”

And, “In the most trying of circumstances, aided by his intense love of the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar and his great devotion the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed Karl was able to soar to the heights of mystic union with Christ, the King of Kings. This is why, by the way, we will have the shrine of Blessed Karl at the Sacred Heart altar.  Arrested, despoiled of all his goods, banished to the island of Madeira off of Portugal, he offered himself in union with the Divine Victim for the salvation of souls.”

Speaking further, “If there is truly a saint for our times, divine Providence has seen fit to give us Blessed Karl. In our world, where the powers of hell seem to reign, we need his example and his intercession…for our civic leaders, in defense of traditional married life, for the protection of the innocent, especially the unborn.  We need him in our world, in our nation and in our lives. He continues to be a wonderful example of devoted Catholic statesmanship, which is, sadly, all too rare today. We need him as a model for all Catholic fathers and husbands so they see in him an example of the father as not only physical but above also spiritual protector and provider of their families…we follow the example of Christ, we strive to bind ourselves to His Sacred Heart and never ever separate ourselves from it.  This is what Blessed Karl did. We must do the same.”

After mass, there was a solemn procession with the relic of Blessed Karl throughout the church during which the organist played a glorious rendition of the “Kaiserlied” and ended with its enthronement at the shrine. The shrine was then dedicated and the prayer for the canonization of Blessed Karl was recited by all.  To conclude the ceremony, the relic was then presented for veneration by all in attendance.

We wish to thank His Excellency, the Most Reverend James Johnston, D.D., bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph for granting permission to erect the shrine.

And to His Imperial and Royal Highness, Archduke Simeon of Austria for bestowing the relic of Blessed Karl upon the Oratory and the many others who made this event possible.







Confraternity of Christian Mothers Enrollment

Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Saint Patrick's Confraternity of Christian Mothers invites mothers and/or wives to attend a once-a-month meeting, Mass and Spiritual Talk. Under the patronage of the "Mother of Sorrows", the members are encouraged joyously and hopefully to undertake the important task of training and sanctifying the souls entrusted to their care. The next enrollment ceremony is on Saturday, September 15. For more information please contact Amie Friedl at (816) 264-3254.


Feast of Corpus Christi

June 7, 2012

On June 7, 2012, the Feast of Corpus Christi was festively celebrated at Old St. Patrick's Oratory with a Solemn High Mass followed by a procession around the church grounds and adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament at an outdoor altar upon the church grounds.


Pentecost Picnic

May 27, 2012

On Sunday, May 27, the faithful of Old St. Patrick's Oratory gathered at Antioch Park for an afternoon picnic to celebrate the great Feast of Pentecost. Many families were in attendance, and everybody, young and old alike, enjoyed prayer, good food, joyful activities.


Visit of Msgr. Gilles Wach

May 20, 2012

Old St. Patrick's Oratory welcomed Msgr. Gilles Wach, Prior General  and Founder of  the Institute of  Christ the King Sovereign Priest, and Canon Matthew Talarico, Chaplain of  the Society of  the Sacred Heart in the U.S. and Substitute for the U.S. Provincial of  the Institute, on the Sunday after Ascension, May 20, 2012. Msgr. Wach celebrated a Solemn High Mass, and the Oratory faithful held a reception afterwards in honor of Msgr. Wach and Canon Talarico.