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From July 16-20, 2018, about 125 boys and a good number of their fathers attended the annual boys summer camp in Wausau, Wisconsin, under the guidance of the Institute canons and seminarians.

One of the most edifying experiences of the entire year is the Institute’s Boys Camp held in Wausau Wisconsin (July 16-20, 2018). Boys Camp strengthens faith and physique as the canons and abbés challenge you to grow both physically and spiritually. With Mass and the Rosary every day along with lectures given by clerics, Boys Camp is brimming with spiritual wealth. The theme this year was about the English martyrs, we learned about the sacrifices they made for the greater glory of God. A camp oriented towards boys would not be complete without physical activities, which this camp has in abundance. With a full set of “Olympic” games, swimming, archery, horseback riding and more, you are dog-tired by the end of each day. Boys Camp also helps the campers develop character. It gives them the opportunity to help the younger campers in their team and learn respect for the superiors. I would highly recommend this camp for any boy aged 10-17 because it’s spiritually beneficial, builds character, and is a lot of fun.

-Albert Boudreau - Camp participant

I have had the privilege of attending the Institute camps for nine years and have enjoyed the spirituality, the sports, and the Catholic friendships this camp provides.  First of all, the Canons say Mass each morning, listen to confessions, give jam-packed spiritual talks as well as participate in various activities, which adds to the excitement of the camp.  The Dads are very helpful in assisting with the great meals as well as making sure the games and other activities go along smoothly.  Campers enjoy the sports, and fun activities planned for them such as flag raising, football, baseball, horseback riding, archery, woodworking, flag wars, and many other thrilling events.  Following the evening Rosary procession, we had nightly camp fires where there are great skits, games, and camp fire songs for all to enjoy as well as time to make new and old acquaintances.  This camp is a great chance for young boys to practice virtue, make new friends, and have a great camping experience.

- Justin Hanners - Camp participant

Photos courtesy of Xavier Boudreau