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A Pilgrim’s Perspective. By Stephanie Pearson-Breaux

The Fatima and Lourdes pilgrimages ended yesterday and the graces will continue to flow. I wanted to share a few thoughts about the pilgrimage with you to encourage you in your prayer life for the reparation of sin and the conversion of souls to Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Lourdes was so beautiful and pilgrims from all over the world experienced the joy of encountering the love of Mary and a healing Grace for their souls. While I was waiting in line to bathe in the waters of Lourdes I met a young attorney named Kara who had just completed her law exam and wants to work as a pro-life attorney…. Kara was truly inspirational and please pray for her work as a pro-life attorney. We need more young attorneys like her! Visiting Lourdes and following in the footsteps of St Bernadette prompts one to seek prayer in a humble way.

We had pilgrims from New Mexico, Canada, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, New Jersey, Wisconsin, New York, Kansas, Vermont, Maryland, Michigan, Texas,and Illinois. We were 72 in number from the US and Canada. Pilgrims from the European apostolates and Africa joined us for the Fatima pilgrimage. We had another priest from a Diocese in New York on our pilgrimage. What a bonus!

The multitude of pilgrims joined together for Holy Mass with Monsignor Wach on Thursday night. Hundreds could not be seated for this Mass and were able to tolerate standing and kneeling for this beautiful Mass. On Friday morning Cardinal Burke presided at the Pontifical High Mass and his homily was extraordinary. We should all have copies of this homily!

On Saturday Monsignor Schmitz presided at the 1st Saturday Mass for our Blessed Mother. We then went to the site of the apparition for the Rosary. It was a rain of grace as we prayed and walked through pouring rain. Portugal was in desperate need of rain. I am glad it rained for 2 days while we were at Fatima. I prayed for intentions given to me and placed them in writing at the site of the main apparition of Fatima.

  • Armando was one of our tour guides and his grandparents witnessed the miracle of the Sun. He was so knowledgeable about the Fatima apparitions and is very devout…
  • SYVERSON touring who made the arrangements were wonderful. The family are devout Catholics. I would recommend them to anyone for travelling.
  • Bernadette Schmidt from the Wausau oratory was also a blessing as she assisted the guides in keeping the flock of pilgrims together.
  • Lisbon was also fantastic! Visiting the home and church of St Anthony was so special! His home was Lisbon!
  • Visiting the convent of Avila was also special! Nuns in the Carmelite convent who are cloistered fast 8 months, bathe in cold water and have no heat in the convent.
  • Encountering St Therese of Avila, St John of the Cross, St Bernadette, St Jacinta, St Francesco, and Sister Lucia in prayer was a deep spiritual consolation for many pilgrims.
  • One thought I want to leave you with is more souls fall into hell every day because there is no one to pray for them or make sacrifices. These are the words of Our Lady of Fatima.
  • Canon Michael Stein endeared himself to all as he cared for our spiritual needs and not one sheep strayed from the flock.
  • There were 4 women pilgrims over the age of 80 who inspired the younger generations with their wisdom and deep faith.
  • There were 1st time pilgrims who enjoyed their experience with the Institute. I will remember all these pilgrims and the families in my prayers during the Holy Liturgy. We are all truly one in Christ!
  • We had the littlest pilgrim from Canada who was with her parents. She is 2 years old and was a delight on this pilgrimage.

                                 Strengthened in faith,